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Bakoon Products SCA-7500K Power Amplifier with Volume

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Bakoon Products SCA-7500K Power Amplifier with Volume

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High-resolution sound reproduction with plenty of room to spare

Evolved version of AMP-KUMAMOTO

AMP-KUMAMOTO is an evolution of AMP-KUMAMOTO, which omitted the input buffer and other components in order to keep the price low. For this reason, the input impedance is low at 1kΩ. Modern CD players and music players have a low output impedance, so this is not a problem, but a 1kΩ input impedance may be too low to connect a vacuum tube output. Instead, the speed is faster because there is no buffer and the delay time is only 10 millionths of a second. However, there was a demand for a product with a higher input impedance, which led to the development of the SCA-7500K as a higher version of the AMP-KUMAMOTO.

The SCA-7500K was created from the starting point of the Satori circuit

The word "bargain" fits this unit. It was supposed to be an affordable amplifier following AMP-KUMAMOTO by cutting costs, but to our surprise, various innovations and considerations were added, such as reworking the circuit diagram five times, changing the PCB three times, and replacing it with an upgraded PCB again, despite the fact that it was commercialized. High-performance J-FETs were put into the input stage, and a large amount of high-end capacitors called OS-CON were used. In fact, if the number of components is calculated, it approaches that of the high-end SCA-7511 MK3. Furthermore, the SCA-7500K adopts the SATRI-IC-V9.3 with 14 transistors integrated to ensure a wider bandwidth, stability, and accuracy, which is its greatest feature. By securing an input impedance of 100kΩ, this model is very attractive in terms of compatibility with tube amplifiers with high output impedance and improvement of speaker drive power.

In addition, in the AMP-KUMAMOTO, it used to take 5 or 6 minutes after turning on the power switch for the bias to be adjusted, but in the SCA-7500K, a bias turbo circuit is introduced, reducing the rise time to about 10 seconds.
Since the SCA-7500K has only RCA inputs, it is an attractive model that allows you to enjoy the overwhelming reproduction sound of the SATRI circuit with your own preamplifier, etc., without being confined to the SATRI link.
Like other power amplifiers of this company, it has a volume control, so it is a big advantage that you can connect a music player such as a CD player directly and enjoy it as a pre-main unit without a preamplifier.
It also has a full-fledged headphone output, so you can enjoy music late at night without hesitation.
Output Speaker output 15W+15W(8Ω) / Headphone output (standard plug) x1
Inputs Voltage input (RCA jacks) x 2
Input impedance 100kOhms
Gain Control Volume (standard) / Metal film attenuator (optional) / Non-inductive winding resistor (optional)
Dimensions 80mm(H) x 240mm(W) x 300mm(D)
Weight 3.0Kg
*Bacoon Products will gradually change its logo and name to SCL (SATRI Circuit Laboratory). Please note that the logo and name will be changed to SCL (SATRI Circuit Laboratory).

What about attenuators?

The metal film resistor ATT has a very large amount of information, very good sound separation, and a rich mid to low frequency range.
The non-inductive wire-wound resistor ATT has minimal distortion, very high resolution, rich low frequencies, and a natural sound that is not habitual despite its dynamic sound.
In the first piece, played by Anne-Sophie Mutter. It is a good track to grasp the micro-dynamics of the violin. After an intense introduction, a quiet and detailed violin solo proceeds, but the static and subtle expressions that surround the solo are expressed without a single addition or subtraction. If you close your eyes and listen to it, you can feel the tragedy of the song itself, and a lyrical feeling is wafting through the air. The quick and efficient response is very impressive.
Next up was "You Look Good To Me" by the Oscar Peterson Trio. The long double bass passage at the beginning of the piece took me by surprise. The sound is heavy and thick. The fingertips move apart and the bass line falls just under it. It was natural and dynamic. The result of the brushes scraping the snare looked bright, and the piano, positioned in the center, appealed with the right amount of volume and presence. The presence of the piano trio filled the stage. There is no gap between the two.
Finally, Diana Krall's "Temptation. The punchiness of the low frequencies was astonishing. The bass came out strongly. What kind of wide-range alternative music is this? Vocally, Kroll's characteristic sardonicity and sensuality can be beautifully mixed. Gorgeous and also beautiful. The other solos that appear in the middle are as real as if they were right in front of you. When you close your eyes, it is as if Kroll is standing right in front of you. If this entry-level class is created, what's next?