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  • Bakoon Products SCA-7500K Power amplifier
  • Bakoon Products SCA-7500K Power amplifier
  • Bakoon Products SCA-7500K Power amplifier
  • Bakoon Products SCA-7500K Power amplifier

Bakoon Products
SCA-7500K Power amplifier

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Attenuator type
Power-supply voltage

Easy drive overwhelming informations

AMP-KUMAMOTO Evolution model

Although it started from the perspective of cost competitiveness through cost reduction, it was gradually greedy. Thanks to this, Bakoon changed the circuit diagram five times and then released the product after changing the PCB three times. However, they changed the PCB with the upgraded PCB in the situation that the first difference was exhausted, and various designs and considerations were added.

SCA-7500K is provided a low-cost J-FET in the input stage and put a large amount of high-capacity condenser called OS-CON. Actually, the number of components is close to the advanced SCA-7511 MK3. In addition, the SATRI-IC version 9.3 with 14 TRs is used per channel, widening bandwidth and improving stability. The fact that the input impedance is 100k ohms is very encouraging in terms of compatibility with the tube amp and improvement of the speaker driving force. The resulting output of 15W is never a good fit. So thanks to AMP-KUMAMOTO, we have had a better chance of getting in touch with Bakoon Products.

SCA-7500K has a volume control, thus it can directly connect CD player or tuner then enjoy listening to the music without a preamplifier.

Output Speaker output:15W+15W(8ohms) / Headphone output (Standard plug)x1
Input Voltage input(RCA jack) 2line
Input Impedance 100kOhms
Gain control Volume(Standard) / Metal Film Resistance ATT(option) / Non inductionWinging Resistance ATT(option)
Dimensions 80mm(H) x 240mm(W) x 300mm(D)
Weight 3.0Kg
*The power voltage is available from 100V to 240V/50,60Hz.

Available attenuator

It is available 3type of attenuator. The difference of each type is volume (attenuator) grade which is directly affect its sound quality.
Non induction wing resistance ATT is minimum distortion, high resolution, rich bass range and dynamic sound but does not have any special character. Metal film resistance ATT is good separation of sound, rich mid-bass range. Both attenuators is generally less noise, high stability and rich information.
Followed by 'You Look Good To Me' by the Oscar Peterson Trio. At the beginning, I was surprised at the passage of long double-bass strings. They are heavy and have a deep sound. Then, when the finger is torn off, the baseline falls exactly beneath it. It is natural and dynamic. The scratching brush of the snare looks bright, and the piano in the center appeals with a proper feeling and presence. If you listen to it, you will be excited and revered enough to come out of the temple. The presence of the piano trio filled the stage. There is no gap.
Finally, Diana Kroll's 'Temptation'. I was also surprised at the punching power of the low range. Powerful blow and dripping bass. What is this wide range alternative? Speaking of vocals, the unique bliss of crawls and sensuality are superbly woven. It is luxurious and beautiful. The guitar solo that appears in the middle is just as real as it is in front of you. When you close your eyes, the crawl stands in front of me. If you create an entry class like this, what should you do?
Standard volume ¥220,000
Metal Film Resistance ATT ¥265,100
Non inductionWinging Resistance ATT ¥307,100
*Delivery from the factory at time of order.

Bakoon Products SCA-7500K Power amplifier

Regular price ¥265,100 円
Regular price ¥265,100 円 Sale price ¥265,100 円
Sale Sold out
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