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BAKOON PRODUCTS SCA-7500K Power amplifier with volume

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BAKOON PRODUCTS SCA-7500K Power amplifier with volume

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Play the high -resolution sound with plenty of time

Evolution of AMP-Kumamoto

It is a product developed from amp-kumamoto. AMP-KUMAMOTO has omitted input buffers and the like to lower the price. For this reason, the input impedance is low and is 1kΩ. Modern CD players and music players have a low output impedance, so there is no problem, but 1kΩ input impedance may be too low to connect those with a vacuum tube output. Instead, the speed is fast and there is only one second of one second of 1,000th, because there is no buffer. However, there was a request that a product with a high input impedance was high, and SCA-7500K was developed as a top version of AMP-KUMAMOTO.

SCA-7500K made from the origin of the Saturi circuit

This unit is a content that suits the word bargain. It should reduce costs and make an amplifier with a cheap price following AMP-KUMAMOTO, but even though the circuit diagram has been rebuilt five times, and the PCB has been commercialized three times, it is upgraded again. Various ingenuity and consideration have been added, such as replacing it with the PCB. A high-performance J-FET is introduced in the input stage, and a large amount of high-end capacitors called OS-Con are introduced. If the number of parts is actually calculated, it will approach the advanced machine SCA-7511 MK3. In addition, the SCA-7500K is the most featured in the adopted SATRI-IC-V9.3 with 14 transistors, ensuring a wider range, stability and accuracy. The input impedance is a very attractive model in terms of compatibility with a vacuum tube amplifier with a high output impedance and improving the driving force of the speaker.

In addition, in AMP-Kumamoto, it took 5,6 minutes after turning on the power switch until the bias was adjusted, but in the SCA-7500K, the Baino Star Bathing circuit was introduced and the rising time was set to about 10 seconds. increase.
Since it is only RCA input, I think that it is an attractive model that can enjoy the overwhelming playback sound of the SATRI circuit with your own preamp, without being trapped in the SATRI link.
As with other power amplifiers, it has a volume adjustment, so it is a great advantage that you can connect music players such as CD players directly and enjoy this one as a preamplifier.
It has a full -fledged headphone output, so it's good to be able to enjoy music without hesitation late at night.
output Speaker output 15W+15W (8Ω) / headphone output (standard plug) x1
input Voltage input (RCA jack) 2 systems
Input impedance 100KOHMS
Gain control Volume (standard) / Metal film Attenator (optional) / non -induced winding resistance (optional)
size 80mm (h) x 240mm (W) x 300mm (d)
weight 3.0kg
*Bacoon Products change the logo and name to SCL (SATRI CIRCUIT LABORATORY). please note that.

How about Attenator?

The metal film resistance ATT has a very large amount of information, has a very good sound separation, and expresses a low range from a rich midrange.
Untrained winding resistance ATT is a natural sound with a minimum of distortion, very high resolution, rich low range, dynamic sound.
Standard volume ¥220,000
Metal film Attenator ¥265,100
Untrusted winding resistance ¥307,100
*Since it will be made to order, it may take time from the scheduled shipping date.
In the first song, the performance of Anne -Sophie Mutter. It's a good truck to grasp the violin microdaimics. Through the intense intro, a quietly fine violin solo progresses, but one static sensitive expression that wraps around the area is represented. When you close your eyes and listen, it is a tragedy of the song itself, and a lyrical feeling drifts. The quick response without waste is very impressive.
Next is "You Look Good to Me" by Oscar Peterson Trio. I was surprised at the long double -based passage in the early stages. A heavy sound comes out heavy. The fingertips are separated, and the bass line just falls under it. Natural and dynamic. The result of the brush that rubs the snare looks bright, and the piano located in the center appeals with the appropriate amount and presence. The presence of a piano trio filled the stage. There is no gap.
Finally, Diana Clare's "Temptation". After all, I am surprised by the low -frequency punching power. A base that springs out strongly. What is such a wide range alternative? In terms of vocals, crawl's unique unfriendly and sensuality can be mixed. Luxurious and beautiful. Other solos that appear in the middle are as real as in front of you. When you close your eyes, it looks like a crawl stands in front of you. If this entry class is created, what will we do next?
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