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KR Audio Electronics
5U4G ST direct heat 2 pole pipes

Product code: 5u4g

KR Audio Electronics 5U4G ST direct heat 2 pole pipes

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5u4g st

Czech Kr audio Electronics Co., Ltd.has produced a high-end direct heat three pole output tube using the former Tesla research facility in Czechoslovakia. Handmade by Meister all processes starting with material selection. The Kr vacuum tube is a very robust and unique structure that ensures the strength to vibration with a thick valve that uses simax hard glass as a luxury, and is sufficient to fix the electrode.
As a result, it is possible to obtain the luxury feeling and the heavy feeling that comes from the resolution and the height of the energy in the sound that is played from there.
The Kr vacuum tube is designed for chemical, electrical, structural design, glass making, and automatic manufacturing line.
The Kr vacuum tube is marked with a serial number in the tube section and shipped individually with data attached.
Condition green New
Included Data sheet with serial number