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Sound Insulator base SSI-001 set

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SORBOTHANE Sound Insulator base SSI-001 set

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Amazing sound improvement

Skillful sound tuning with hybrid three-layer structure design

Among audio fans, it has received tremendous support over the years for sound tuning as high performance shock absorbers SORBOTHANE.It is an epoch-making insulator using SORBOTHANE. This SORBOTHANE material is a domestic product produced by Sanshin Kosan Co., Ltd. As its astounding shock absorption capacity and high pressure dispersion performance, it is applied for the purpose of vibration isolation, damping, sound deadening, sound insulation, etc. in various fields such as medical, communication, information equipment.

SORBOTHANE Sound Insulatorwas developed to demonstrate the optimum effect for audio. Easy to use compact size for full-fledged design of hybrid three-layer structure.
At the top of the main unit, use brass for optimumsound tuning, middle part adopts ebony which is high rigidity and rich mid-range.The structure is supported by SORBOTHANE which is a shock absorbing material with 8mm thickness.

Brass is beautiful gold plated for corrosion prevention. On the pillar that supports metal and ebony, it adopts fine threaded screws capable of fine adjustment of height.

It can use for speakers as well as amplifiers or other audio devices.

Dimensions Diameter 35mm, height: 24mm ~28mm
Material ebony, gold plated brass,SORBOTHAN
Load bearing capacity 13kg/1 peice)
Weight 81g(1piece)
The center of gravity is low and it becomes a stable balance, and no habit which is worrisome occurs at all. The volume of bass-middle range increases, middle-high range became lower distorted as well as turbidity decreased..The sound quality became better. Especially vocal became more natural, smooth and thick. There is no sense of incongruity as an effect, improving the sound quality with a stable balance.