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AUKLET-300J-2i Net A-class push-pull pre-main amplifier

Product code: 300j-2i

YARLAND JAPAN AUKLET-300J-2i Net A-class push-pull pre-main amplifier

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Luster and gorgeousness of tone

Enjoy the pure Class-A push-pull 300B

Integrated amplifier that brings out the full potential of the four 300B tubes.
The push-pull design combines the 300B's tonal luster and flamboyance with a generous output power.

All-around improvement to a higher level

All transformers have been replaced with higher grade and higher performance transformers. Six newly developed dedicated hand-wound transformers are used.
The phono equalizer has also been significantly upgraded with independent left and right power supply circuits and independent switches, which was a major concern of the development staff.
Tubes used 300B x4 /6SN7(Voltage regulator) x2 12AU7(Impulse) x4 / 12AX7 x2
Output impedance 4Ω, 8Ω
Maximum Output 22W +22W
Load Impedance 20HZ - 100KHZ -1dB.
SN Ratio 89dB
Power Consumption 180W
Input impedance 100kΩ
Input terminal CD / AUX / LINE / PHONO / XLR
Power supply 100V/50,60Hz
Size 446mmx394mmx210mm/35kg

Appearance that does not lose to the sound

Dense sound that only vacuum tubes can produce

YARLAND JAPAN is a brand established for vacuum tube audio enthusiasts in Japan. Like Triode, the models are designed and planned in Japan, manufactured in China, and imported and sold in Japan. The amp has already been used by many customers in Japan, and is also highly acclaimed in Europe and North America. We hope you will enjoy the condensed sound of our products, which allow no compromise from the selection of parts to the circuit design based on our original ideas.