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  • YOSHIBA 300B-wood MK2 Single power amplifier
  • YOSHIBA 300B-wood MK2 Single power amplifier
  • YOSHIBA 300B-wood MK2 Single power amplifier
  • YOSHIBA 300B-wood MK2 Single power amplifier
  • YOSHIBA 300B-wood MK2 Single power amplifier

300B-wood MK2 Single power amplifier

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Power-supply voltage

Awosome vocal sounds !!

MK2 emphasizing the reproduction of unison and harmony

MK2 that completely revised power amplifier of 300B single tube and double triode 6SN7 which received high evaluation in "Analog Magazine"
Output only 7W+7W, though amazing sounds volume.
Opulent, very rich in details and emotionally affecting. The vocal midrange was very liquid, impressive expression of the atmosphere of live performances.
It’s quite analog sounding, smooth and tonal shadings.

Individually hand crafted wiring, Yoshiba Onkyo original transformer, non-feedback circuit, rectifier diode, power supply is chock transformer.
Alternating current ignition reduces noises to the limit.

The performance of 300B-wood comes very close to high-end 300B. The sound quality is totally impressive, smooth, considerably more contrasting in tonal shadings, as well as more spacious with EH vacuum tubes.. Strong saxophone, long breath trumpets without distortion. The vocal voice is tuned mainly focusing on middle range. The natural sound is quiet comfotable to be able to listen long term that Yoshiba was trying and error to above great predecessors sounds.. As MK2, the vocals have evolved into a sound that feels more like a real voice, with less unpleasantness and less listening fatigue.

Flexibly respond Classic, Jazz, Rock..

Strong preference to orginal transformers, selected high quality matereials...a lot of trial productions, electrical circuit tests and auditions as well.

MK2 researches and analyzes vintage western sounds and refines the western sounds with the interpretation of Yoshiba onkyo. Reconcidered original idea of power circuit finally acheaved deep, dimensionality focus, tonality development of this 300B-wood. The sound reminds you old era of great sound..
Power supply adopts choke trasnformer, diode rectifying, Output was special developed for 300B-wood and whole circuit is non feedback circuit.Rethinking from the original idea of the power supply circuit, the original 300B Wood, which reached a deeply carved expression, added impressive reproduction of Unison and Harmony, and the resolution became higher.Enjoy this sound with the new 300B wood MK2.
Self bias system makes it easy to replace similar type of tube as well as 300B without any adjustment.
Easy to drive speakers which efficiency is 86dB.

Vacuum tube 300B x2, 6SN7x2
Transformer Yoshiba Onkyo original
Output 7W +7W
Frequency response 33Hz~10kHz
Residual noise Less than 8mV
Maximum Permissible Input Voltage 300mV
Speaker terminal 4ohms, 8ohms
Power 100V, 120V, 220V, 240V/50,60Hz/93W
Dimensions W420xH270xD306mm
Weight 13kg
*The power voltage is available from 100V to 240V/50,60Hz.
It takes 1-3month depend upon stocks.
Imperssive well managed 300B amplifier. Good respond, good dynamism. Quiet rare excellent extensive range as 300B amp. Not only tighten tone wiyout distortion, but also demostrates tenacious driving force. Low noise, minimum distortion in sound. Yoshiba selected alternating current ignition for superior sound quality, it should be contribute improvement of reproducibility. The texture and feel of chamber music is fespecially ascinating. Natural timber of string instruments containes not only quiet dense and muscular, but also expess ideal moisture and glamor. Good separation of each musical instruments, amazing resolution of individual harmony without any turbidity.
The resolution in Orchestra was awsome, tutti did not collapse even loud volume, furthermore there were no thorns that stung my ear, but comfortable at peak volume.
Clarity bass, rich, more details and beautiful sound colours..Piano and woodbase in Jazz was a fundamental approach in lowering center of gravity, rich in details and emotionally affecting. Pianosolo was queit effective for transparency and high speed, smoother tonality and deeper low end.

YOSHIBA 300B-wood MK2 Single power amplifier

Regular price ¥473,000 円
Regular price ¥591,250 円 Sale price ¥473,000 円
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