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300B-wood MK2 Single power amplifier

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YOSHIBA 300B-wood MK2 Single power amplifier

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The unique 300B sound that is full of attention!

MK3 with emphasis on reproduction of unison and harmony


The highly acclaimed 300B single-tube and 6SN7 bipolar power amplifier has been fundamentally revised.
The evolution of the MK3 from the 300B-Wood MK2 was based on analysis and reference to the excellent internal wiring that follows the fundamentals of vintage Western amplifiers, and the wiring method was changed. The internal components and wiring materials have also been upgraded. In particular, the wiring materials have been largely changed to military-standard materials. The unison and harmony refined in MK2 are now even more impressive, and the musical elements are transmitted to the speakers without overflowing.
The power supply uses a choke transformer, diode rectification, and the OUTPUT was developed for this amplifier, and the entire circuit is a non-return circuit.

The circuit is characterized by AC ignition, which allows a slight hum to be heard in the 38cm high efficiency speaker, but AC ignition is used to reduce noise to the extreme (down to the tube characteristics) in order to maintain the essentiality of the sound.
The basic of Yoshishiba Acoustics is the mids and lows. The wire assembly and output transformer are Yoshishiba Acoustics' original products.
This is a gem that is close to the high-end 300B with the company's basic stance. The sound quality is loose but deeply sculpted and moving, and is realized with EH vacuum tubes. Aiming for power without iron distortion, this amp does not make saxophones and pets run out of breath. Most of you may feel that the sound is fresh and new, but the sound that we have arrived at through trial and error to exceed the sound left by our predecessors does not bring pain to the ears. And it is a natural sound that emphasizes the reproduction of vocals with a firm focus on the midtones. The vocals have evolved into a sound with a texture that seems even more like a flesh voice, with minimal clutter and a sound that is not tiring to listen to.

Flexible reproduction of Classic, Jazz, and Rock

The vocal expression will "wash over" your heart! This product is the result of many prototypes and listening tests of electrical circuits.

The output power is only 6W+6W, but the sound is surprisingly loud, the classical music has a high density of sound image, and the thickness and luster of the gen is fascinating, the jazz has the texture, richness, and density of the instruments, but the sense of presence of the venue is created, the pop has a solid and hot beat, and the vocals are rich and full. The pop music is highly acclaimed for its rich and passionate beats, and the vocals are rich and full, with a pleasant midrange that is sure to surprise you.
Residual noise varies slightly depending on the power tube (AC ignition is used for sound quality), but even with the JBL D-130, hum is not an issue. We have created an atmosphere that makes music seem like it would be encountered in a hall. This amplifier is filled with Yoshishiba's philosophy, making full use of Yoshishiba Acoustics' knowledge and skills.
We hope you will enjoy this sound with the new 300B wood MK3.
You can replace any tube of the same type without adjustment, and you can also replace 300B tubes without any problem, so you can enjoy the sound with your own 300B tubes. If the speaker's efficiency is 86dB or higher, it can be used without any problem.
Tubes used 300B x2, 6SN7 x2
Transformer used Yoshishiba Acoustics original
Output 6W + 6W
Frequency Response 33Hz~10kHz
Residual Noise 8mV or less
Maximum allowable input voltage 300mV
Speaker terminals 4Ω, 8Ω Banana plug compatible
Power supply 100V/50,60Hz/93W
Size W420xH270xD306mm
Weight 13kg

Magazine Rating

The 300B, whose range often leaves something to be desired, seems to have been skillfully mastered. It is rare to find a 300B with such an extended range. The tone is tight and distortion-free, and the drive is tenacious. Noise is low and distortion is minimal. The selection of AC ignition, which is advantageous in terms of sound quality, should contribute to improved reproducibility. The texture and feel of chamber music is exceptionally captivating. The sound of the strings is naturally drawn out, but the dense fleshiness of the instruments is depicted with just the right amount of moisture and luster. Furthermore, the separation between the instruments is excellent, and the resolution is remarkable in that the harmonies are clearly resolved and not muddled.

The orchestra showed its resolving power without regret, and even when the volume was raised considerably in the tutti, it did not collapse, and even at the top of the loudest part, the sound was very even and free of any stinging thorns. The bass is clear, without any bleeding, rich in color and expression, and changes in a variety of ways. Even in jazz, the core of the piano and wood bass is thick and the low frequencies are well defined, but the sense of volume is surprisingly plentiful. Piano solos are very effective in terms of transparency and quickness of rise. The piano solo is very effective in terms of transparency and quickness of rise, and the bass range is deep and clear. The sound is rich and enjoyable to listen to.