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Yamamoto Sound Craft A-08S-205D Single Stereo Amplifier

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Yamamoto Sound Craft A-08S-205D Single Stereo Amplifier

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Power amplifier for WE205D

A-08S Western Electric 205D version


The WE205D is a very good amplifier, but its output power is only a little over 1W. This limits the speakers that can be used with it. High-efficiency speakers such as Artic, JBL, and Lauser are suitable for use. These speakers have high conversion efficiency and high efficiency, so the output power of the amplifier can be small. On the other hand, however, the amplifier noise will be correspondingly higher.

In general, the noise level of the WE205D can be kept quite low even with AC ignition, but the output noise often varies with AC ignition due to variations in the vacuum tubes and other reasons. Therefore, the company has changed the ignition system of the WE205D to a DC ignition system using a Schottky diode with double-wave rectification, which has been used with good results in the A-09. To simplify the circuit, no constant voltage circuit was used, but only a diode and capacitor were used. The voltage supplied to the WE205D was also slightly increased, resulting in a maximum output of approximately 1.3W. The rectifier tube was changed to 80, which has a clearer sound than 5U4G. In addition, the highest quality parts were used for each component, such as DC ignition in the front stage circuit, capacitors sealed in the company's special ebony case, and an improved output transformer.

In addition, an ammeter is placed on the chassis so that the output tube current can be checked at all times. This ammeter allows you to check the operating condition of the valuable WE205D vacuum tube and to determine the approximate life of the tube.
With these improvements, the sound is more dynamic and powerful. When listened to with our large 3-way speaker system or ALTEC 605A, the sound is much stronger and clearer than that of the 300B.

WE-205D Operating Conditions

    • Plate Voltage: 380V
    • Plate Current: 25mA
    • Plate Loss: Approx. 9.5W
    • Rp: 5k ohms
    • Rk: 1.25k ohms
    • Drive method: CR-coupled self-bias

Tubes used WE-205D(Round type sold separately),WE-717A, 80
Maximum output 1.3W/8Ω
Frequency Response 22Hz-30kHz(-3dB)
Input Sensitivity 4W output at 0.4V input
Residual noise 0.4-0.6mV
Size 400(W)294(D)204(H)m
Weight 14.3kg

*This product is made-to-order, so it may take 1-4 months or more for delivery depending on inventory and order status.