SATRI-LINK/Current Transmission can be connected to a regular amplifier!

SATRI-LINK with current signal, which is one of the greatest features of Bakun Products, is an absolute advantage that is only utilized in models equipped with current signal to current signal SATRI-LINK.

General voltage signal audio equipment could not withstand the high voltage of current signals, and could not enjoy the enormous amount of information and noiseless music signals without missing signals of current signals.

However, the current signal is not a problem.

At last, Bakun Products has created a transmitter/receiver for current transmission!


SATRI-LINK Receiver Adapter SRX-1001
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SATRI-LINK Transmitting Adapter STX-1001
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This is good news for those who could not use current transmission because their devices are not equipped with SATRI-LINK, even though they are equipped with SATRI-LINK.

To be honest, the adapter uses RCA cables for transmission and reception, so it is not a perfect current transmission, but it does not match the perfect current transmission by devices equipped with bidirectional SATRI-LINK. We recommend short and good grade RCA cables.

However, the longer the cable length between devices exceeds 1 meter, the greater the difference in sound quality between the current transmission and voltage transmission of this adapter, so it is worth using!

Personally, I recommendSATRI-LINK Transmitting Adapter STX-1001between a DA converter or phono equalizer and a SATRI amplifier using the SATRI-LINK Transmitter Adapter STX-1001 may be the best way. This is because the amplifier side can receive the music signal as current transmission.

Power supply is required and DC5V or USB power supply is needed. If you want to take advantage of SATRI-LINK's current signal with your beloved equipment other than Bakun, by all means, give it a try!

Of course, you can also use it with devices that use current signals other than SATRI-LINK.


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