About noise of SATRI amplifier

Last month SCA-7511 MK3 sold to customers in the UK came to Mr. Baccan Products for the fact that noise came out. The result is no unusual. SATRI amplifiers are more susceptible to inverter type fluorescent lights and variable LEDs, and since the frequency band is extended, the output will be picked up from the input to the output. In addition, I received orders at 220V for British customers, but because the actual use was 230V, it may have had its impact.

This measure has made a low noise power supply for a blurring to the previous 1/10 noise level. Up to now, this power supply has lowered the noise instead of smaller noise, and the output of the amplifier was lowered because the output of the amplifier is lowered. This time, by changing the circuit, I was solved for a while by making it impossible to deteriorate the output.

It is nice to meet in detail in detail! I think that it is a corresponding correspondence to a major manufacturer.

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