We are now a Pre-Audio distributor and agent in Japan.

From PolandPre-audio Turntablesfrom Poland, and we have started to deal with them as a distributor in Japan!
Pre-audio is a new turntable manufacturer in Europe, founded in 2009 and owned by Mr. Daniel Prendeki, a young audio designer in his 30s. The company name "Pre-audio" is derived from Prendecki.
The company produces unique and unparalleled tangential (linear tracking) turntables and tube preamplifiers at competitive prices.

The company believes that Tangential Tone Angle (linear tracking), with its ideal geometry of near zero degrees in any groove, provides a more accurate reading of the recording groove and superior stereo imaging, musicality, and detail representation. The turntable is available in a variety of wood, acrylic & granite made pedestals to choose from. The finishes as well as the design are eye-catching.

The price of Pre Audio products is also very reasonable compared to other high-end turntable products made by other companies in Europe and the US.


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