Bakoon Products HDA-5230 ポータブル・ヘッドフォンアンプ試してみました

Bakoon Products HDA-5230 Portable Headphone Amplifier Tested

Tried Bacoon's new battery-powered HDA-5230 headphone amp for a while.

First of all, after all this time, the sound is really good. The surface mounting and current output may have a big influence, but if you simply connect the headphones to your smartphone or tablet and listen to music directly and then listen through the HDA-5230, you'll hear...

It was a pleasant surprise to hear the sound of instruments that had been hidden in the background, perhaps because each sound was carefully arranged to improve listening comfort, and the overall clarity and visibility improved.


The ability to switch the CURRENT (current output) between HIGH and LOW depending on the song, headphones, and listening environment is also a surprisingly convenient feature.

The previous battery-powered model, the HDA-5220, was a bit cumbersome and bulky to carry around, but the HDA-5230 is the same size and lightweight as an iphone 7plus, so you can take it with you wherever you go. It has a non-slip insulator on the bottom, so it won't move around recklessly, which is very thoughtful.


I am happy to be able to listen to the best sound quality anywhere, whether in the park or in a coffee shop. In fact, I might recommend it most to those who cannot enjoy listening to music satisfactorily at home because they are reserved for their family members.


When the battery needs to be recharged, the yellow amp next to the power light will light up, and when it is finally empty, there will be a warning sound.


To charge the battery, plug the included battery charger into the back of the device; it lasts for 10 hours, so it's easy not to have to charge it every time.


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