Bakoon Products HDA-5210mk3 SATRIヘッドフォンアンプ

BAKOON PRODUCTS HDA-5210MK3 SATRI Headphone Amplifier


Bacoon Products SATRI Headphone Amplifier HDA-5210 MK3. It has not been posted on Bakoon's site. .

However, although the product that is lined up on the site itself in Bacoon has only half the product. .

HDA-5210MK3 feels more compact than other Bakoon's compact amplifier. Texture is very good.

Since the output impedance corresponds to 100 ohms, it may not fit a variety of headphones. It does not leak to other bachan products, and there is a current output and voltage output, so you can enjoy each sound. I think that it will be a problem of preference and headphone compatibility, but I think it would be nice to hear that it is connected by SATRI LINK of current output.

This is a popular product from Europe and Asian Audio Fans.


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