Bakoon ProductsからHDA-5230小型ヘッドフォンアンプです!

From Bakoon Products comes the HDA-5230 compact headphone amplifier!

New Small Headphone Amplifier from Bakoon ProductsHDA-5230We have finally started handling the new HDA-5230!

The size is as compact as an iphone 7 Plus!It is powered by a lithium polymer battery.10 hoursStaminaThe battery is, of course, rechargeable. The battery is of course rechargeable.

Even though it is so small, it is still a Bakun product.The sound reproduced from the current output Satori circuit is a Bakun model with very high resolution, extended highs, powerful lows, and a deep sound that is not tiring to listen to.The sound is very high resolution and extended highs and powerful lows.


The compact size allows you to enjoy the high-resolution sound from your PC or smartphone on your desktop.

And it's compatible with a wide variety of headphones, too!

In Korea, where it debuted earlier, it seems to have received high acclaim and has been featured in magazines.


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